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Playa Del Rey Outdoor Signs

According to studies and statistics, 80% of consumers here in the US have stepped inside a new business simply because of its outdoor signage. By giving your business eye-catching and impactful exterior signs that build and promote your brand, products, and services, you’re sure to catch and keep your target market’s attention.

Custom vinyl graphics

We at Platon Graphics are committed to creating outdoor signs for all types of businesses. We design, fabricate, and install exterior signs such as storefront signs, vinyl banners, window graphics, promotional signs, vehicle wraps, and more. Whether your business needs a single sign, individual sign elements, or an entire signage system, Platon Graphics has what you need.

As a full-service sign company here in Playa Del Rey, we have successfully delivered solutions to various client needs. If already have brand guidelines or a style sheet, we ensure that the outdoor signs we deliver complement your brand, reinforce it, and impress your customers. Our entire team is ready to give you signs that utilize your brand logo, specified colors, and font styles in order to give you the perfect exterior signage for your facility.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signs

Your storefront signage is your first opportunity to make a great impression. It’s important to note that storefront signage is most effective when important aspects such as placement, location, type, style, and target market are carefully considered during the selection process.

Platon Graphics understands that choosing the perfect storefront sign can be a huge challenge and we want you to know that we can help ensure that you choose the right one for your establishment. Each business has unique needs that can be addressed by unique signage solutions, so we make sure to get pertinent information about your business such as your brand identity, vision, location, budget, and timeframe. This way, we can make sign recommendations that are specially tailored to help achieve your business goals.

At Platon Graphics, we pay careful attention to what you need, what you’re aiming for, where you are, who your competition is, and what your target market is like. We use this information to custom-craft storefront signage that increases foot traffic and maximizes visibility for your business.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom dimensional signs

Channel letters and dimensional letters are very popular among our clients here in Playa Del Rey, CA. Highly customizable and very attractive accents on your building facade, these outdoor signs give your business a modern, professional appeal that draws potential customers into your establishment. Your channel letters and dimensional letters can personalized to include your logo, letters, numbers, and symbols all coherent to your branding guideline.

Here at Platon Graphics, we custom-craft each client’s channel letter or dimensional letter order. We make sure that your outdoor signs speak your brand message, reflect your personality, and give your target market a creative introduction to what your business is and what you can offer. We deliver excellent support, high-quality products, and start-to-finish assistance during the entire sign-making process.

Channel letters and dimensional letters are highly versatile and highly customizable outdoor sign options for all types of businesses.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefront

Lighted signs are a great choice for businesses who are looking to catch customer attention even when it isn’t bright and sunny outside. With illuminated outdoor signage, you get to promote your brand and attract potential customers at any time of the day and in all weather conditions.

You have quite a lot of lighted sign options here at Platon Graphics. We do backlit and front-lit channel letters, dimensional letters, illuminated cabinet signs, and even digital message boards. If you’re looking for the retro appeal of neon signs, we have LED signs that mimic the look but are cheaper, longer lasting, use less electricity, and are more environmentally friendly.

Lighted signs are extremely attractive and draw attention to your business especially in the night time. They are great for gas stations, nightclubs, bars, theaters, restaurants, retail businesses, convenience stores, etc.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panel

Sign panels are solid panels that are installed at a business’s storefront. The information they contain depends on the business—some just have their business name and logo on them, while others have contact details, addresses, slogans, and other details. Flexible and very affordable, sign panels are popular among many different types of business.

Sign panels by Platon Graphics can be made from a vast selection of sign materials and through a vast selection of techniques. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, metal, wood, aluminum, acrylic, PVC, or other types of sign materials, we have it…and we have the talent and tools to custom-craft the right sign panels to suit your brand, location, target market, and yes, your budget too..

Sign panels are great for businesses looking for personalized, versatile, and inexpensive outdoor signs. They are especially popular among small businesses, auto repair shops and service centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy and awning signs offer a creative and unique way to promote your business. They are a wonderful blend of function and style, reinforcing your brand to potential customers while giving them a positive experience.

Awnings are usually made using canvas and typically have certain business details printed on them. They hang over your establishment’s entrance or windows, giving your business name and logo the visibility you need to draw people to your space and into your doors.

Canopy signs are often selected by businesses looking for outdoor signage that exudes specialty and exclusivity. They are great for jewelry shops, galleries, hotels, shopping centers, salons, and parlors.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

Impress and impact your customers by giving your business a sense of stability and permanence with monument signs by Platon Graphics. Durable and statuesque, monument signs are usually made hardwearing materials such as concrete, wood, stone, and metal. These are then etched, sandblasted, carved, or fitted with letterings and sign panels that display your business information.

Here at Platon Graphics, we strive to exceed expectations. So when it comes to our monument signs, we innovate and customize with various elements and accessories such as lights, digital message boards, various materials, etc. We make sure that your monument sign goes perfectly well with your branding, location, and business goals.

Most monument signs are positioned in front of your establishment, usually close to the street. They make great exterior signs for hospitals, corporate buildings, schools, universities, resorts, hotels, and churches.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

For many businesses, increased visibility and more attention from customers are a big need. What they need are excellent tools to do this…and in the sign industry, those tools can very well be pole signs, pylon signs, and tenant signs.

These outdoor signage by Platon Graphics come in various sizes, shapes, heights, display types, and accessories. They are perfectly capable to reaching out to more people even at a distance and are great for businesses that do not have road-fronting locations.

Pole signs and pylon signs are great for giving you the visibility, attention, and influence needed to grow your business. They are perfect for fast food restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, shopping centers, and other businesses.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

wayfinding post and panel sign

Outdoor signage is a common need for most, if not all, of businesses. Exterior signs are used to draw attention to businesses, to inform potential customers, and to reinforce branding. Whether you need the signs for visibility, promotion, wayfinding, or information, Platon Graphics is here to help you with conceptualization, design, fabrication, installation, and even repair.

We are complete signs company and we custom-craft all types of exterior signage including sign panels, monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs, vinyl banners, yard signs, real estate signs, flag signs, A-frames, awnings, post and panel signs, channel letters, LED signs, and even vinyl vehicle wraps. We’ve got what you need.

Here are more outdoor signs that we create:

If you don’t think exterior signs are what your business needs, don’t worry. We are a full-service signs provider and we have more solutions to your signage needs. If you’re looking for indoor signs or marketing collateral or temporary signs, we can make those too! Platon Graphics is fully equipped with the technical skills, tools, talent, and experience to create the exact signs your business needs.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signs

Here at Platon Graphics, we take pride in our extensive selection of outdoor signage options for businesses like yours. We have been a trusted local signage provider here in Playa Del Rey and have successfully handled countless projects for various business owners. We believe one ingredient to our success is the fact that we include our clients in the entire sign-making process—from conceptualization, to design, to fabrication, all the way to installation.

If you already have a concept and design plan for your signs, our team of fabricators are ready to bring them to life by working according to your branding guidelines and style sheet. If you don’t, then you don’t have to worry. Platon Graphics provides design services and our team of artists can work closely with you and give you an exterior sign design that works best for your brand and business goals.

Platon Graphics is practically a one-stop sign shop. Our goal is to provide you with all your signage needs without you having to hope from one store to the next. Our signage production facility is located here in Playa Del Rey and it’s where we do all the work, ensuring that all of your signs and sign elements are created at a high quality and pass both your standards and ours. Should you need to secure permits for your exterior signs, we assist you and guide you with that part of the process as well!

Sign installation can be done by yourself or by our team of professional sign installers, depending on what you prefer and the complexity of the signs you order. Should you want to have Platon Graphics do the installation, we can assure you that this will be done properly, securely, and tidily of course

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Playa Del Rey Outdoor Signs logo lasign 300x118Platon Graphics is committed to creating impressive and impactful outdoor signs designed to help your business with visibility and foot traffic. We specialize in getting outdoor signs to attract customer attention, to hold that attention, and to draw people into your space. We have helped countless businesses and we want to do the same for you. We look forward to being your local outdoor signs provider!

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