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Los Angeles Custom Signs & Graphics


Every business needs signage that’s specially made to promote its unique brand to its unique target market. Here at Platon Graphics, we are all about making your uniqueness visible and irresistible to potential customers. Whether it’s a business, personal, or promotional signage need, we have the perfect solution for you!

Custom wall murals and graphics

Platon Graphics is a trusted Los Angeles sign company that not only prints custom signs and graphics, we do sign design as well as custom sign creation for each of our clients. Whether you need an entire set of personalized signage or a few specialty sign elements, we at Platon Graphics are at your service.

Our goal is to create a unique feel for your business, from the moment your customers first see your brand. Whether you’re looking for personalized lightboxes, custom-designed vinyl signs, graphics, and banners, wall wraps, or other brand-cohesive outdoor and indoor signs, we can create them for your home, business, or organization.

If you’re looking to boost your visibility as well as your bottom line, custom signs and graphics by Platon Graphics can be the perfect means for you to catch potential customers’ attention, draw them in through your doors, and influence their purchase decisions.

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Stand Out With Unique Signage

Show your potential clients and visitors what your brand is all about with impressive, informative, and impactful signage custom-crafted according to your brand personality, objectives, and budget. And Platon Graphics is your local partner for custom signs that are strategically designed and fabricated to target your potential customers.

Over the years, we perfected the craft of understanding your brand identity, vision, and ideas and then interpreting them into practical, strategic signage elements for promotion. Our talented team of designers, marketing experts, sign fabricators, project managers, and sign installers are ready to deliver the signs that you need—from the large format promotional banners and window displays to the ever functional wayfinding signs. Our goal is to deliver an attractive, functional, and unique space that truly speaks to who you are as a business and a brand.

Designed For Your Brand & Business

custom construction signs

Custom signs and graphics aren’t just for aesthetics; they play a huge role in setting your business apart from the establishments that surround you by letting your target market to know who you are, what you can offer, and how you can be the perfect solution to their needs. High-quality custom-made signs make it easier for potential customers to recognize, remember, and return to your business. They also help you establish a level of professionalism and reliability. Here at Platon Graphics, we are committed to giving you superior quality custom signs that reflect the superior quality of services/products you offer.

Whether you have a family-owned business, a large corporation, or a franchise, Platon Graphics is fully equipped and capable of providing you with signage solutions tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. We are trusted local signage provider here in Los Angeles, and we offer our clients a vast selection of signage options they can choose from. We also have a strong team of signage specialists who provide start-to-finish support and can recommend ideal sign materials, substrates, designs, placement, and accessories that fit your vision, budget, and timeline.

The custom specialty signage options that we offer include:

Here at Platon Graphics, we custom-craft all of our indoor signs and outdoor signs. They are created to suit the branding, preferences, location, and technical specifications of our clients. It doesn’t matter if you need one sign, 100 copies of the same sign, or 100 different signs, Platon Graphics is equipped with the talent, tools, technical know-how, experience to deliver the ideal sign to speak your business’s personality, to draw in your business’s target consumers, and to boost your business’s growth.

Our Custom Sign Process

custom tradeshow display

When it comes to getting custom-tailored commercial signs done, we at Platon Graphics are a tried-and-tested partner here in the Los Angeles area. This is largely because of the start-to-finish, all-out support we give all of our clients as they go through the sign-making process.

Our process starts with an on-site, one-on-one consultation with an experienced Platon Graphics signage specialist completely free of charge. In this stage, we talk to you and learn about your business goals, your brand personality, and your vision for the signage project. We listen to your ideas for your signage, make suggestions, and use the information to form an image of what your sign should look like in real life. We then present to you a digital mock-up of the design. This stage allows you to review, provide feedback, and request any desired changes to the proposed sign so that it’s exactly the way you want it.

Once you are completely satisfied with the sign design, our team of sign fabricators then begins to create and prepare the necessary sign elements, materials, and accessories. Installation can either be done by our team of professional sign installers or by yourself. Some signs are simple enough to be installed by you, but some may be a bit complex and could require professional assistance.

Here at Platon Graphics, we absolutely love the collaboration and teamwork involved in our sign-process. We love showing you what our designers and Los Angeles sign professionals are capable of doing, we love hearing your ideas, and we love bringing them to life through attractive, impressive, and effective custom signs and graphics.

Free Custom Signs Consultation

Los Angeles Custom Signs & Graphics logo lasign 300x118We at Platon Graphics have our eyes set on providing each and every client the professional support, guidance, and insight they need during the entire sign-making process. If you already know the sign type, design, materials, and overall sign concept that your business needs, our team is ready to get to work and custom-craft it for you. If you think you still need a bit of help with how you want your signage to look, our talented design team is here to fully support you.

We look forward to being your local provider of excellent quality, custom signs and graphics that get your business noticed and get your bottom line growing.

Call Platon Graphics at (310) 683-2846 for your Free Consultation with a Custom Sign Specialist!