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Culver City Indoor Signs


Effective business signage doesn’t stop with attractive outdoor signs. When your exterior signage is successful at getting people through your doors, it’s important for you to have impactful and informative interior signs to provide the necessary support to your customers, visitors, and even employees. From making wayfinding hassle-free, displaying relevant information, marking areas safe or unsafe, to giving your customers a cohesive brand experience, high-quality indoor signs are a must-have for every business.

indoor custom large-format graphics

Picking out strategically designed and professionally crafted interior signs is no easy feat. Several factors should be considered when deciding which sign type, design, colors, materials, etc. to go with. These factors include your branding, your vision, your business location, the space that you have, legal requirements, the weather, your timeline, and of course your budget.

But you don’t have to select the right signage alone! We at Platon Graphics have been a trusted Culver City indoor signs provider for a long time, so we completely understand just how important it is to get the right interior signage for your business.

Our years in the sign industry has also taught us how to select, design, and create signs that increase foot traffic in a business, inspire employees, helps with brand reinforcement, and positively influences customer purchase decisions. If you’re looking for signage that can contribute to business growth, then indoor signs by Platon Graphics can be what you need.

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Interior Signage For Office Buildings

custom indoor lobby signage

Whether your office building houses a single business or several different ones, navigating through the space can be a challenge for your customer or visitors. Many businesses resort to giving their receptionists the extra task of assisting with navigation, which isn’t exactly the most practical way to go. However, getting indoor signage installed in strategic areas of the office complex is a great idea and an effective solution to your establishment’s wayfinding needs.

Interior signs such as directional signs, door signs, room ID signs, directories, and even wall decals are very effective tools for supporting wayfinding even inside large office buildings. They allow your guests and potential customers to intuitively navigate the area and find the office they’re looking for with ease.

Besides being highly functional, indoor signs by Platon Graphics are also made to be aesthetic and brand-coherent. They make excellent tools for branding and advertising in the office setting. We create acrylic lobby signs, illuminated channel letters, floor signs, glass stickers, wall murals, and even digital signage that you can choose from and use all throughout your space.

Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs

custom lightbox retail display

When it comes to retail stores and restaurants, indoor signs are usually aimed at promoting their products more than brand reinforcement. Here at Platon Graphics, though, we see to it that your brand still gets some visibility even in your promotional and wayfinding signs.

Platon Graphics makes sure that the vinyl banners, floor signs, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, menu boards, wall decals, and navigational signs that we create for you not only displays what you offer, they also highlight who you are as a brand. We do this by consistently and cohesively utilizing your business name, logo, branding colors, fonts, and style all throughout the indoor signage system.

Platon Graphics has become an expert at creating intuitive signs. The interior signs we produce for retail stores and restaurants are designed and crafted to make navigation easy for customers—conveniently bringing them from point A to point B—and to ultimately make business with you easier to do.

Signs for Warehouses & Manufacturing

safety floor signage

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities may not look like they need attractive and effective indoor signs as much as other businesses, but they actually do. Whether it’s to remind employees about certain things, marking safe and unsafe areas, restricting access to certain areas, motivating staff, or making your establishment organized, Platon Graphics is ready to produce your indoor signs for you!

Here at Platon Graphics, we offer a wide variety of sign materials and sign types that you can choose from. From wall decals, floor signs, indoor banners, room IDs, door signs, all the way to electronic signs, we have what you need to help create a safer work environment, smoother operations, and a more organized space.

Cohesive Interior Signs for Business

Platon Graphics focuses on assisting companies with brand promotion and building name recognition, and if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that consistency is key. In order for brand to take hold, constant exposure and repetition is needed…and it’s important that these come with specific guidelines applied to all campaigns. This not gives you a professional image, it also gives your target market a more complete picture of who your business is and what you do.

We help Culver City, CA businesses by providing them with the tools that they can use in this process; and we make sure that everything is brand-cohesive and according to set branding guidelines. From door signs, to lobby signs, to directional signs, to room IDs, to wall murals, and even all the way to POP displays, we make sure everything complements your brand.

If you already have branding guidelines, sign designs, and preferred sign locations, our team can carefully study them and make sure that everything is implemented according to plan. If you don’t have those yet, that’s not a problem at all. We have a strong team of designers, marketing experts, signage specialists, and project managers who can work closely with your team to conceptualize and create the brand guidelines that you need.

Every Indoor Sign Your Business Needs!

custom tradeshow printed walls routed signs

Platon Graphics understands that every business has unique signage needs that will require unique solutions. This is why we specialize in creating indoor signs custom-tailored to each client’s brand, vision, location, deadlines, and budget.

So whether you need lightbox menu boards for your restaurant, vinyl signs, graphics, and banners for your retail store, or a die-cut aluminum logo sign for your office lobby, Platon Graphics is here to make them especially for you. We make sure that the indoor signs you get are of superior quality, stunning, and impactful.

The indoor signs that we offer include:

Are you looking for commercial vehicle wraps, commercial signs, or custom signs, too? We can custom-craft them for you as well so that you get a consistent, brand-coherent look inside and out!

Full-Service Interior Sign Manufacturers

vinyl mural installation

Platon Graphics is a full-service signage provider and we work closely with you through every step of our sign-making process. We start by discussing what your business is all about and what your expectations (as well as limitations) are for your interior signs. If you have existing branding guidelines, our team can create signs that adhere to your style. If you don’t have guidelines yet, we’re ready to help you create some.

Once we know and completely understand what you need, we create a digital mock-up of your sign and present it to you for review and feedback. Once you’ve given your go-ahead for the sign, we then proceed to fabrication.

Platon Graphics’s team of professional sign fabricators are equipped with the knowledge, machinery, and equipment to custom-craft your indoor signs and graphics. Our products go through strict inspection both from our end and yours to make sure that it meets standards.

The final stage is sign installation. Depending on the types of signs you order, this stage can either be done by our professional sign installers or by yourself. If you want our expert staff to do the installation for you, we’ll make sure that it is properly secured, strategically placed, and stays that way for a long time.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation

Culver City Indoor Signs logo lasign 300x118We at Platon Graphics are excited to show you the expertise, equipment, and experience we pour in to make the perfect indoor signs for your establishment. Our entire team is excited to serve you with excellent talent, customer support, and professionalism. As your trusted Culver City signs and graphics company, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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