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Attract your target market, increase your bottom-line, and grow your business with impactful and effective commercial signs by trusted LA signage provider, Platon Graphics!

indoor custom large-format graphics

We at Platon Graphics have been an established Los Angeles sign company for over 65 years now, and we believe this is because we take very special care of each client we have. We work closely with them through every step of the sign-making process, from conceptualization all the way to installation. We are passionate about providing outstanding products using the best materials and the most reliable, environmentally friendly processes.

Your business’s signs and graphics say a lot about what your business is, what it prioritizes, and the quality of service you offer. For a lot of consumers, your signs tell them whether or not they should purchase from you.

Here at Platon Graphics, we help businesses get noticed with stunning promotional signage, we help them get remembered with brand-cohesive fleet wraps and trade show displays, and we help them deliver a positive customer experience with intuitive indoor signage. We look forward to successfully meeting all of your business signage needs.

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Giant Graphics That Work For You

Custom Large Format Window Graphics

Here at Platon Graphics, we deliver signs and graphics that help you reach your business goals. Whether you aim to increase foot traffic, have a safer work environment, offer a more relaxing office lobby, or get a boost in sales, the right signs and graphics will be a useful tool in your journey to achieving it. Our mission is to deliver the right graphics, images, and displays for your business by understanding your unique needs, goals, brand identity, location, and yes, your budget too.

Platon Graphics helps you identify the perfect graphic elements to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for construction barrier graphics for a new project or expansion, vinyl window graphics to attract new customers, or wall murals to promote your brand or improve morale, we help you accomplish that. For Los Angeles signs that speak to your audience, we have you covered.

The Right Signage For Your Business

Custom vinyl graphics

No two businesses are created alike. Who your business is, what you have to offer, and how you deliver your products or services all make you unique. It is up to you to effectively convey to your target audience just want makes you special.

Letting your eye-catching and engaging commercial signs speak for you can be the key to standing out from the crowd. Here at Platon Graphics, we specialize in custom-crafting signs to reflect your business’s personality and to convey the message you want your target market to hear. Whether you’re a government office, restaurant, cafe, school, clinic, retail store, law firm, or any other type of business, we at Platon Graphics are committed to recommending, designing, fabricating, installing, and customizing signs that support you and help you achieve your business goals.

Your business signage is also a reflection of the kind of service you offer. Invest in tastefully designed, professionally crafted, and strategically installed signs by Platon Graphics so that when potential customers look at your establishment, they know they can trust the quality of the products/services you provide.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Attractive Storefront Sign

Enhance your business foot traffic with high-visibility and high-impact outdoor graphics and signs expertly created by Platon Graphics! From towering pole signs and graphics to engaging portable signs, banners, door lettering, window displays, and any other sign you desire, we craft all of the signs and graphics your business and brand needs for higher brand visibility.

Engaging new consumers begins with an engaging business storefront sign. This is most often the initial introduction a new, local shopper has to your organization, so the information and facts it includes has got to be informational, goal-oriented, and alluring. Almost all organizations need a storefront building sign, such as pylon signs, blade signs, or cabinet signs to present the presence of their business. Promotional window displays tell consumers what you have to offer while vinyl door letters present helpful information for example your business hours of operation. Portable signs, flag signs, banners, or sidewalk signs draw in new and returning customers with limited event notices.

It’s going to take the most appropriate combination of these high-quality and attractive outdoor sign and graphic elements to bring in even more customers and clients, and Platon Graphics will give you the ideal signage blend to support your brand.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Large format retail signage

When your outdoor signs have done a great job getting people in, it’s time to get your indoor signs to do their job. Interior signage does quite a lot more than we notice. Your lobby signs, wall murals, and floor signs, for example, are designed to give your visitors and customers an introduction to what your business is all about as well as give them a feel of your brand personality.

Smartly placed brand-cohesive directional signs, room IDs, door signs, and wayfinders ensure that your customers’ experience inside your facility is positive and would make them want to come back. Signage can also promote safety in the facility and exudes a sense of care and concern.

As a trusted local signage provider, Platon Graphics ensures that you get the signs that you need and that the signs are effective. Before we move forward in your project, we go to your site for an evaluation so that we can determine and recommend the signage elements that work best for your business, your location, and your budget.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Custom commercial vehicle graphics

When you want your brand and business to get noticed by clients, passing pedestrians, and even passing drivers wherever you go, vehicle wraps and graphics may be the answer.

The vehicle wraps we provide here at Platon Graphics range from full wraps, partial wraps, vinyl graphics, and even vehicle magnets. We are proud to design, print, customize, and install excellent quality vinyl wraps on vehicles as large as transport truck fleets to ones as small as ATVs. By utilizing only the most colorfast and durable vinyl materials, we see to it that your vehicles look good for a long time and are well protected from the outdoor elements on land and on water.

Whether it’s delivery trucks, food trucks, golf carts, or jet skis that need to get wrapped, Platon Graphics is confident we can provide your vehicles the look that best promotes your business to the specific market you’re targeting.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Los Angeles Sign Company indoor lobby wall mural waiting room vinyl 300x225 300x225Vinyl signs, wraps, and banners are an advantageous addition for any business. Whether looking for a method for drawing interest for your shopfront, facilitating patrons when they are finding their way, or want to get more from your trade show attendance, our workforce of vinyl signs and graphics experienced specialists create the optimal customized vinyl sign and graphic solution for your goals.

We are your complete custom vinyl banners and signs team, providing high-quality signs, graphics, and banner printing solutions. Our local facilities allow us to create any business signs and graphics your brand desires.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unique banners, wraps, window graphics, vinyl clings, lettering, decals or a total vinyl sign and graphic collection you are thinking about, our knowledgeable vinyl sign and graphic experts deliver your custom signage with skill, experience, and we pay attention to every single detail.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

custom vinyl signs and graphics

Vinyl signs, graphics, and banners are an exciting and impactful addition to any business. Whether you are looking to attract attention to your storefront, assist customers with navigating your space, or want to get more from your trade show attendance, our team of vinyl signage experts have the perfect solution for you.

As a full-service large format graphics company, we offer complete printing services, from design to installation of your custom banners, graphics, and signs. We custom craft any type of promotional graphics your business needs to help you support your goals and build your brand.

Whether it’s full-color window graphics, vinyl clings and decals, floor graphics, lettering, banners, or any other signage element you have in mind, our vinyl graphic experts will handle your project quickly, professionally, and with an eye to detail. Our only goal is to help you accomplish yours.

Custom Signs

custom hanging banner signs

If you’re looking for signs and graphics that speak your brand message in the clearest and truest sense, a custom sign by Platon Graphics is what you need. We are very careful about creating custom signage for our clients because we know just how big an impact it has on the public. We take into consideration your brand identity, your target market, your company vision, your location, and even your budget…and we recommend or propose a custom sign concept that complements your brand personality and clearly conveys your brand message.

You may be looking for a complete interior remodel, or some window decals, or custom wayfinders for your facility, we want you to know that Platon Graphics has what you need and we are ready to handle all aspects of your Los Angeles signs and graphics project.

As a full-service signage company, we don’t just print signs out for you. Platon Graphics is an expert in providing specialty, large-format graphics and we take pride in our ability to provide custom-crafted sign elements. We do various sign accessories, lighting setups, sandblasting, routing, and even custom-cut metal signage to make sure that your signs reflect your brand and stand out from the competition.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

large format banner

Being a full-service sign company is no easy feat and not a lot of sign providers are up for the challenge. Platon Graphics is, and we’re ready to support you throughout the entire process. We offer a complete range of services so you don’t have to hop from one shop to the next just to make sure that your sign project gets done. We want to make the sign-making process as hassle-free for you as possible, which is why we have everything done here at our LA sign shop where you can drop by and check whenever you want.

Our sign and graphics process begins with a free consultation where we sit down and discuss what your signage needs are and what goals you want to accomplish with them. Understanding exactly what you want to do allows us to provide you with professional insight and suggestions regarding your sign type, material, design, and placement. The ideas that we come up with during the first stages of the process are then brought to life by our Design Team through a digital mock-up. The design, of course, is subject to your review and revisions.

custom tradeshow printed walls routed signsHere at Platon Graphics, we work with what you have. If you have an outdated graphic that you want removed or reproduced, our team of signage specialists can evaluate the situation and provide expert recommendations on the best course of action.

We are all about excellent quality signage that promotes brands, increases footfall, and boosts bottom-lines….and that’s exactly what we want to do for you. As an established signage provider here in Los Angeles, Platon Graphics has a vast range of solutions for your business and we want to be your single-source provider for all your signage needs.

Our Commitment To You

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Having been in the sign industry for many years, Platon Graphics completely understands the impact that well-crafted business signs have on your company’s ability to draw in customers and to make them come back again. This is why we are so passionate about attractive and effective signage.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction throughout the entire sign-making process. From conceptualization, to design, fabrication, and installation, and even to maintenance, we are committed to providing our support, guidance, and professional insight. Platon Graphics is your Los Angeles sign company partner for impressive and impactful signs.

Contact Platon Graphics today at (310) 683-2846 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!